Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What is Fashion?


The term Fashion is not just confined to consolidate the notions of wearing the latest, or follow branding etc. Fashion stands for a stimulus or a culture in which your identity and your personality is depicted and communicated to the other lot. Now this may include that how you dress up, what you eat, and even what is your behavior under certain conditions. This all is included in the stream of fashion. Every native, non-native or any person of any race, creed or cast all over the world has likely to have one thing in common. A particular strip in the universe wears gowns; another mass is likely to eat Chinese food. These are all traits, that depict fashion and this specific style and way of living is the identity of any particular group for what they are known for.

The modern enhancements and the global industrial revolution has set up sundry trends that have an impact directly, or in directly in to one's individual and social life style. There are certain trends set up in a particular society that drenches the group members into a common replete identical life style. Wearing the latest is considered to be amongst the trend setting fashion in the modern societies. Branding has successfully enabled the entrepreneurs to communicate to their target market at a very niche level and so this has become the need of one's life to wear what is in the market and by what they could become cynosure of all eyes. Amongst the wearing stream, comes not only the dresses; but also sun glasses, jewelry, shoes, watches, etc. Similarly various cuisines all over the world have an identity of their own. People eating chicken corn soup immediately are referred to being Chinese and so as to eat Coq au van, as French.

But in the mélange of various cultures, ethics and norms; the intrinsic meaning of fashion should not be inhibited. Fashion is all about the mental state of the society as a whole, you can not enforce some thing considering it as fashion. Fashion should be followed under the organic standards set up or proactively known. A decent fashion is the medium that carries the environment of yours. Fashion is the representation of the ethics too, of a society so the idea of over exaggeration by putting behind the ethics, is not fashion and is not a standard on what fashion is being produced.

Here Is Few Brands of Fashion and Dresses


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Monday, August 8, 2016

Levi's Fashion

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It is really important to follow the fashion trends if you want to appear smart and stylish. You have to wear latest designs of dresses and shoes in order to make a mark in different settings. In this article, we will highlight some of the latest trend for ladies shoes.

Stylish Sandals With or Without Straps

Sandals can add to the looks of your evening wear outfits greatly. These trendy shoes for ladies form a great combo with a skirt or a dress worn for a night out and add to the beauty of the wearer. In case you are going to attend some special occasion, for instance, a wedding, sandals with straps can undoubtedly be the best option for you.

Pointy Shoes

Pointed shoes or winkle picker are in trend and can be seen worn by celebrities in many fashion shows these days. This is an ideal style if you want to wear it to some evening party and will go very well with your evening dresses. Be it a dress or a skirt for the night out or a casual jeans, it will look great on you. Pointy shoes are available in the market in numerous designs, styles and shades to suit your outfit. You can find ones of satin with sling backs in, of course, various colors to match with your dresses. Pointy shoes will definitely make you look more beautiful.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats can be seen as being the top choice of superstars these days. They are in trend and have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. These are not just very comfortable but they also go well with various kinds of dresses for several occasions. Ballet shoes can be worn with a dress or skirt for a night out. They also go well with a pair of casual trousers. If you are one of those women who prefer to wear flat shoes but at the same time want to remain stylish, these ballet flats are just the right thing for you.

Peep Toe Shoes

A stylish pair of peep toe shoes can be a great idea to maintain that interesting and fresh look. Peep toe shoes are available in the market in wide variety. They are available as the evening shoes for women for night out or in the form of flip flops or ankle boots for a less formal everyday look. These types of shoes are not just stylish and trendy but they are also very comfortable to wear even if the party goes on whole night long.


Clogs shoes are also called wooden shoes. These shoes for ladies have gained quite a good amount of popularity among ladies in the recent times. So, if you are one of those ladies who want to stay abreast with the latest trends, these are a must-have for you. These kinds of shoes are very comfortable to wear and additionally are also extremely durable to endure the winter season. Clogs keep your feet comfy and secure and at the same time make them look exceptional. You can easily wear them with any of your dresses for almost any occasion.

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